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I’ve heard it said that you should marry someone who makes you feel like your favorite band walking on stage. After going to a few concerts, I though this was a weird/inaccurate description. After giving it a bit more thought,  I think maybe it’s a good comparison.

Before your favorite band can begin, you sit through an opening act, sometimes more than one. These are unpredictable. Sometimes they’re horrible, sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised, and other times you’re just bored.

“Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know / that you’re alive and have a soul.” – Twenty One Pilots; Tear in My Heart

Whatever your reaction to the opening act, that should never be the highlight. However, before you get to that point, you have to wait. Some people may come out to distract you, a curtain may fall to hide what is happening altogether. What is happening? That headliner is getting ready for you. As much as you wish to see them right this second, you know that without this space, they wouldn’t be able to be their best.

“So now I just sit in silence.” – Twenty One Pilots; Car Radio

Silence. It feels like an eternity passes. Some in the crowd were there to see an opening act, content to go, content to wait. The world keeps moving as you keep waiting. You start to worry that you’ll never see this incredible person, the one it feels you have waited your entire life for.

“…now we’re stressed out.” – Twenty One Pilots; Stressed Out

And then you see them. Suddenly, everything leading up to this moment is gone. They are here. This is it! All you see is that one person. All you hear is his (or her) voice. You know now not just what you expected, but how their voice sometimes cracks, or maybe it’s been a really long time since he’s showered. You see reality, and the imperfections don’t bother you. This is real. This is the one. All the waiting has been worth it to finally have this perfectly imperfect person.

“But while you’re doing fine, there’s some people and I who have a really tough time getting through this life so excuse us…” – Twenty One Pilots; Screen

In reality, not everyone’s first concert will be their favorite. You may think it is at the time, or maybe you’re young and expect your taste to change. One concert doesn’t have to be the end. If you’re not married to your music taste, branch out. Go see someone you’ve never heard of. Maybe one day what you expect to be and opening act will sweep you off your feet. You’ll find it.

“Because of you I might think twice.” – Twenty One Pilots; We Don’t Believe What’s On T.V.

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