Introducing Ophelia. 

Apparently, transitioning from daily blogging to something slightly less structured is not something I can do easily. I’m an all-or-nothing sort of person, so when I stopped posting every day, I wanted any new posts to be perfect, showing exactly how much better I’m doing with freedom. I’m rather far from perfect, so I’ve obviously been having trouble writing something I’m happy with. So I thought I’d start with a topic that makes me happy. :)Introducing: my wonderful hedgehog, Ophelia. Named after a mixture of the Lumineers’ song, Flavia de Luce’s sister, and, quite possibly my favorite character in all of literature, Ophelia of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 

At just seven weeks old, I adopted her on Monday. I will now be working as a full-time hedgehog mommy, and I’m sure you will all see photos of her as she grows up. :)As of right now, though, she is very young, and I am happy to see that she has already accepted me as her mother. Yesterday, I took her to sit in the Sun on the porch (where these pictures were taken), and she didn’t want to get out of my hand! When she did finally start exploring, she kept one paw in my palm for a few minutes. My heart melted. I don’t know if I have ever been as in love with anything or anyone as much as this darling little hedgehog. She’s asleep in one hand as I type this with the other, in case you were wondering. 🙂

Side Note: Seeing as my personality is all-or-nothing, I feel I should give my blog a makeover, starting with a new name. (My top idea right now is “Coffee, Cameras, and Confusion.”) I haven’t decided how often I’m going to post, or even exactly what kind of posts I will be making (still mainly photography, although I’m hoping now that I have more freedom when it comes to time, those posts will be more thought out and overall better), but I’m hoping I’ll figure it out eventually. I think having a blog is equal parts trying to entertain others and keeping myself sane. Let’s see how well I can do at either of those things. 

2 thoughts on “Introducing Ophelia. 

  1. Starting with something that makes you happy is a great idea! And it’s not mandatory to have a blogging schedule, I think it’s better to blog when we feel like it and not because “it’s Monday and I need to post on Mondays” 😉
    Aww the hedgehog, so cute! It’s not very common around here to have it like a pet, I have never seen it before.

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