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open letter to my unborn sister.

 Hi, Teegan. 🙂

Probably the first thing you’ll learn about me is that I talk far too much. (That seems like an appropriate disclaimer to start this letter.) I may seem quiet at times, but you’ll know the truth. When I really care about something, I will never shut up about it. Lately, the topic of all my rantings has been you. You haven’t even been born yet and already I’m bragging about how wonderful you’re going to be, so don’t mess it up!

I know you won’t. 🙂

Once you’re here, and everyone is over the initial excitement of your arrival (it might take a while), you might get a little overwhelmed yourself. Dad has big plans for you, he’s preparing to make sure you are good at everything. (You already have a role in a movie, I’m not kidding. You’ll get used to that.) Don’t let the pressure get to your head, he’s just giving you options. As big as he may seem to you, it is okay to tell him no sometimes. You’ll figure out who you want to be, you have plenty of time, and I’ll be here to support you every step of the way.

That’s not for a long time, though. For now, we can all just hold you and love you and compete over who’s name you will say first. (CAL-lee, CAL-lee. You’ll get it.) Plus, now that I’m working at a bookshop, and I never get rid of anything, you will never run out of reading material. I promise.

More important than anything I could ever say or give to you, you need to know how much I love you. I may seem crazy, you probably won’t know what to make of me, and I can’t make any promises about where my life will take me as you’re growing up. I want you to know that whatever I say, wherever I am, I will always be thinking of you, and I will always love you. Promise. And I never go back on my promises.

Your Big Sister

P.S. I know you’re probably nervous, but we’re all ready for you.

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