365 project · photography

male models.

IMG_4875One of the biggest complaints I get about my photography comes from this boy right here. His problem? I don’t take pictures of him. As his little sister is my go-to model when I’m in a crunch, I do feel bad that he usually gets left out. It’s not just him, though. I very rarely take pictures of boys at all.

I am not sexist, I don’t do this to make a statement. It’s just that usually my plans involve elaborate dresses and makeup, and I have a hard time planning a project around a boy. What do boys even do? Honestly, I tell him that if he ever has an idea for something he wants, I would be more than happy to take pictures of him. However, that has yet to happen. He didn’t even like this (almost) candid photo I took of him, he thought it was stupid. Does anyone else have a similar problem, or a comfort zone you have a hard time getting out of? What about suggestions as to what to do about this issue? I’m always open to advice. 🙂

Have a lovely day!

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