365 project · photography


25727198672_c3ca8dcb91_o.jpgIn shadow, people look disproportionate and off. The whole point of a shadow is the absence of light, and being filled with only darkness. Shadows tend to blur reality in the process of reflecting your likeness.

Having insomnia is kind of the same thing.

Some nights are for thinking, and I have no control over when those nights happen to be, or what those thoughts focus on. Everything is slightly foggy due to the lack of sleep, but the tiniest things can appear huge and dark. Every flaw from every part of my life is suddenly blown up, not letting the light shine through. Guilty. Only at two a.m. can my thoughts make me feel so utterly guilty, and my problems seem so huge when I myself am too tiny to contain them.

I hope you have a good night, and a lovely day.

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