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25220431813_cbf0f9b933_o.jpgCollege. Tuition. Internships. Interviews. Admissions. Portfolios. Applications. Tests. Fees. Moving. Traveling. Learning. Training. “Sell yourself.”

I have heard so much of this lately, and more than ever this week.

I have a lovely photography teacher. She is a huge inspiration to me and has been my biggest supporter since the very beginning. Lately, though, she’s been stressing me out to the point that I feel like I’m drowning.

I never planned on going to college. I never thought I would make it as a photographer. My teacher has a lot of faith in me, and it’s kind of worked. I don’t know where I see myself in ten years, but wherever it is, I will be holding a camera. I don’t think I’m ready to graduate and immediately go back to school. I’m ready to start my life free of that commitment, to find my place in the world and live my life. So many people feel like college is the only way to accomplish anything in life but I know so many wonderful people who work against that belief. Being at school, though, talking to teachers and counselors, I start to worry.

I’m not ready.

I don’t know.

Please don’t ask.

Have a lovely day!

PS. Just pretend this is Friday. I did actually have all of my posts planned out to fit specific days, and these pictures were taken (for the most part) on their respective days, I’ve just been away from computers, away from home, and ever so slightly out of my mind.


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