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I have a bit of an irrational fear. This isn’t my only one, but it is one I face almost every day.

Where I live, I am surrounded by rivers, and the community is proud of the many covered bridges that allow us to drive over them. One is particularly close to me, and driving over it kind of makes me feel like I’m going to die. There is one lane, and only one car can drive on it at a time, even if  they’re going the same direction. Driving over it doesn’t particularly bother me, I just have a couple seconds of being unable to breathe and picturing a car coming the other way, reflecting on the fact that there would be absolutely nothing I could do in that situation to stop it. This is getting morbid. I’m okay!

I should probably tell you that there is a highway I could take, and even two other possible routes I could take home on back roads, but, for some reason, I always end up here.

I took a few pictures, but I felt this one most accurately portrayed how I view it; a one way tunnel that may have a car coming from either side that I have no power to save myself from.


Have a lovely day!

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