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Disclaimer: there is nothing 18+ about this. It’s only that I am legally an adult, and even that is debatable.

I have been 18 for a few months now, and up until Thursday, I had found no real plus side to that fact. I don’t smoke or gamble, I don’t have money to move out, I have no desire to get married this year, it just felt like kind of a letdown. That is, until I realized I could go to 18+ concerts.

I realize I should have taken a picture of the band, but I had assumed there were no professional cameras allowed. It turns out I was wrong, so I’m sorry, but I do have this very faded reminder (a large X that was drawn on my hand letting everyone know that even though the only beverages they sold were alcoholic, I could not drink or handle any alcohol.), and it turned out to be quite an adventure, and a camera would have gotten in the way.

So, in leiu of a better picture, I have a story.

I live roughly three hours outside of Boston, where the concert was held. My friend had to work and I had school on Thursday, so after that we left, and arrived in Boston around six, to then find out that we had two hours before the doors opened, and it was freezing. We killed time exploring coffee shops and thrift stores until a line started to form, and then we waited. After a few minutes, the bassist of Ra Ra Riot (the band we were there to see) came out and started talking to the people in line in front of us. No one else even reacted, just me and Sarah fangirling silently, trying to catch his attention and wondering if it would be rude for us to interrupt his conversation and say hello. Being the awkward little girls we are, we just continued awkwardly staring and not speaking until we were allowed in.

There were two opening acts, starting with a lovely pair of drag queens. Not exactly the kind of band I would have picked myself, but they were really fun to watch and much more talented than they gave themselves credit for. I should also point out that this was general admission, no seats, and the bars add was about a foot from the stage. Sarah and I were leaning against the baracade with a large wall of tightly packed people behind us. It is truly they only way to watch a concert.

After this first band, I had decided that I would enjoy watching any band that was loud and had energy. When the second act came out, I had high hopes. I had seen some of the band earlier in Goodwill, I liked their sweaters, it seemed promising. I was sadly mistaken.

I would not put down a band that I don’t like only because it is my own opinion. However, after looking around multiple times and seeing that no matter how much the band turned up the volume, not a single person danced or clapped, I feel rather justified. I don’t think they spoke English. Not in a cool, exotic way, but more like cavemen who did not understand language and just moaned and made weird noises. That is also how they played, as they hit their instruments without any constant beat or reason other than being loud. When they held up a doll with a whisk stuck to its head and started chanting, we almost left, feeling like they were possibly trying to summon the devil. However, they stopped soon after, so we decided to stick around for the headliner. I put so much emphasis on this band because I blame them for what happened next.

Sarah looked at me and told me she needed to sit down. At a concert. In the front row. At her favorite band. This scared me for good reason, and when the security guard wouldn’t give us water, I had to weasel my way through the crowd to the bar at the back, which, as I said before, only served alcohol. They did have small cups and a water fountain, so that’s what I had to carry back. Trying to get back to the front row is 100x harder than leaving the front row, and holding an open cup of water did not make it easier. In the end, though, I did get there, and she seemed okay. Ra Ra Riot was incredible, even though I only really knew one album by heart and a few other songs, it was really enjoyable, and I recommend seeing them if you ever get a chance.

I was having a great time until Sarah turned to me and told me we had to leave. Now.

Long story short, she had a stomach bug and I drive us both home the next morning on about three hours of sleep. I was thinking on the train to our car that it wasn’t fair my friend had just thrown up and still looked prettier than me. But, when I caught her sickness yesterday my grandma pointed out how pretty my eyes were. I guess something about grey skin brings out the rest of your features.

This is a ridiculously long post, so I’m going to stop it here. I’m sorry I’m behind, I’m going to get caught up again. It’s just been a crazy weekend.

Have a lovely day!

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