365 project · photography




Today is rather an unusual date. This photograph isn’t my typical style, which makes sense, considering that I didn’t chose my prompt. I did, however, find a way to make it my own, in a style that I am proud of. I decided to take a step back from sugarcoating and have this series ready by Friday, which I’m hoping is a realistic goal.

In case you don’t know, this picture is part of a still life series I was commissioned to do by a classmate on the topic of “a different look at everyday objects.” I must have been hungry when I formed my plan, which is based around food. Or maybe disgusted, because the food is being replaced with garbage. The food industry is honestly not something I like to think about, it’s a serious issue that I chose to stay away from because I rather like eating. However, for this project, I like to think that I can make a statement without being overly gross or making anyone lose their appetite.

Have a lovely day!

(By the way, I am aware that I have been off by one day probably all month. However, seeing as I am posting today, a day that should not exist, I will still have 365 pictures by the end of the year, so it works out. 🙂 )

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