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(Get it? Because it’s about new things but also about books? No? Okay, I thought it was clever.)

Yesterday, as I was wasting time, avoiding my home that is now completely under construction, I decided to stop by my favorite book store. Seeing as I no longer have a job, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they were looking for help. After buying some new picture books for my soon-to-be baby sister, I set up an interview and it sounds really promising! I can’t think of anything better than being surrounded by books in one of the cutest towns in the area.

I bought chocolate to celebrate. Did I mention it’s right next to a candy shop? Also a waterfall, where this (slightly blurry, yes, I know) picture was taken.

I did actually take clearer pictures yesterday, but I love the texture of the water. It is hard to focus on moving water, specifically when it’s running at a pace that could easily sweep me away. Hopefully I’ll get more chances to work on that(!!!)

Have a lovely day!

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