365 project · photography



coloring in cafés.

This was taken on an iPhone. Not even a good one, just my iPhone 4 that sometimes dies for fun and takes rather horrendous photographs. But I left my camera in the car and it was freezing, so this is not laziness, it’s working with what I have to capture a moment. Okay, maybe it’s partially laziness. But this didn’t come out terribly! If I hadn’t told you, you might have just assumed I took it in manual mode on my DSLR like the good little photography blogger that I should be. But I’m way to honest to let you believe that. I’m sorry.

It was a good moment, though. I spent a wonderful afternoon with my little cousin coloring in a café. Cousins coloring in cafés. Alliteration. Nice.

I am so tired.

Have a lovely day!

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