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(I was very close to titling this “House of Memories” after the Panic! at the Disco song, but I contained myself. You’re welcome.)

The reason this picture is about remembering might seem rather unrelated. It takes a little bit of backstory that I’ll try to keep brief.

I was asked to take a landscape of a specific town in my area, and I was at a bit of a loss. (By the way, this is going to be printed in black and white and painted on by elementary school students. I’m excited to see it finished.) I was cold, and one of my friends told me to go here, exactly where this picture was taken. Although it is rather pretty, it didn’t occur to me until much later that one of my favorite memories happened right down the street.

A few years ago, my dad was living in a tiny cottage, where on weekends my brother and I shared a little pink room with bunk beds. However, we hardly noticed, because we spent most of our time outside. When it was warm, we would ride our bikes a mile or two down the road to get ice cream, or a few miles further, to a science center just outside of the town if we had a little more money and a lot more energy.

In the winter, though, is when we would go to the lake. I know that sounds weird, but our neighbors were kind of snobby and they were only up in the summertime. That’s when we went to the public beach. While they were away, though, the lake would freeze over, and slowly become populated with bob houses.  (It’s not cold enough for the lake to freeze yet this year, which is kind of insane.) Being able to stand in the middle of the lake just gives you an entirely new perspective. It’s weird, in a good way.

However, my favorite memory took a lot less physical effort. One night, around eleven at night, my brother, dad, and I crossed the street in our pajamas (I specifically remember wearing footie pajamas. I was fifteen, so what? Stop judging me.), and snuck out onto the dock. (Technically we didn’t have to sneak because we did have access to the beach, but in the middle of the night, everything feels like sneaking.) The three of us, lying down on the dock, surrounded by water on three sides, watched a meteor shower. I think my dad fell asleep, but for my brother and I, it was amazing. I still think back on that night all the time, and think I could definitely handle living in that tiny cottage just for moments like that. The world is incredible, isn’t it?

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