365 project · photography



industrious documentation of being lazy.

I was told yesterday that I should give adventure another try, and I’ve decided that yes, I should.

Just not today 🙂

I woke up before anyone else this morning on our day off, and, seeing as I am not usually a morning person, my getting out of bed before nine actually worried my parents. However, once they realized I wasn’t someone breaking into the house or trying to run away, they went back to bed. When my mom did get up, we had this conversation:

Mom: “Are you enjoying your day off?”

Me: *nods and sips my tea* “Yes, I just spent far too much time trying to photograph my laziness.”

“The industrious documentation of being lazy.”

“That’s a great title.”

“You should write it down.”

“But my nails are wet!”

“Somehow that perfectly fits.”

So, before, I was planning on writing about playing with back lighting, focus, overexposing, and trying to find a pose where I didn’t look awful, I decided my mom and I trying to have a real conversation in the morning was more entertaining.

Now that I read this over, maybe I should have just stuck to the technical aspect.

So, how are you enjoying your lazy day? I’m listening to She & Him and I’m going to start making thumbnails and finding inspiration for my next big project, or maybe try to finish reading Welcome to Night Vale. What are you listening to or reading?


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