365 project · photography



natural light.

It’s an amazing thing, natural light. In it, even the most simple of objects look beautiful without any editing at all.

New England winters are also amazing, but for much less pleasant reasons. Thankfully winter started late this year, so I did get in a few extra photoshoots I would normally have to wait until Spring for. Unfortunately for my blog, it has started now, and it is incredibly cold. I will try to use natural light more on the days that I can bear it and (hopefully) find a model willing to bear it with me.

One good thing I suppose about this project is the fact that I’m being forced to go outside of my comfort zone. I’m a portrait photographer, at least for the past couple of years (when I started becoming interested in photography, I took a lot of macro shots and thought I could work for National Geographic.), and when I am shooting every day, I rarely have a model or an elaborate plan. (I should try posting at least one elaborate photograph a month. That’s a good goal.) I’m starting to see why this project is so popular and the reason that it’s helpful. Sometimes you just have to work with what you’ve got and make it look like that was your plan all along. I’m starting to get in the hang of it.

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