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Rather a strange title for a picture considering the fact that I couldn’t focus on my initial plan for today. (Wardrobe: there’s a lot of vintage dresses and oversized sweaters. I’m sure you’ll see a lot of that this year, anyways.)

However, my list was made to give my creativity a light shove, and today I was feeling creative enough without it. I had an epiphany. More in the form of words, but it started with a picture, so I think it counts 🙂 Would you like to hear a story? (Sherlock quotes are something else you’ll see a lot of this year, I promise.)

About an hour ago, as I was trying to let in what little natural light was left of the day, I realized there was a crack in my window. Not the exciting crack like in Amy Pond’s wall with Prisoner Zero on the other side and an attractive time lord ready to take me away through all of time and space, just a simple, annoying crack. (Much like the one in my laptop screen. Maybe my topic for this should have been “keep glass away from Callie, she obviously cannot handle the responsibility.”)

Anyways, behind the crack are drops of water and bits of frost, reflecting the street lamps across the street and the headlights of cars driving by my window. The little girl in me who has always been fascinated with water droplets got completely distracted from the break to admire the simple beauty behind it. And, having my fancy-dancy camera with a manual focus, I decided to express my thoughts and share them with you.

My being easily distracted isn’t much of an epiphany, but I believe this story has a moral. My window in a way is like a person. While we may look at ourselves and only see what is wrong and broken, we easily miss what is stuck inside of us: simple beauty. As we know, every fairy tale needs a good old-fashioned villain, sometimes that villain is ourselves. So be kind to yourself. Focus on the good inside of you, and that’s what other people will see, too 🙂


2 thoughts on “focus.

  1. I love this post so much!! Not only for the theme (focus, something I really need to work on) but the moral of your story; it hits very close to home….. Yes sometimes the villains in our lives are ourselves; I promise I will be kind to myself this year and focus on the good in me (one of my New year;s resolution’s actually) if you do the same! 😉

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